• Image of ELEMENT OF ECLIPSE HeretiKvlt Manifesto Album

The New 2015 ELEMENT OF ECLIPSE HeretiKvlt Manifesto album is now available.


1. Fornication Ov Paradise
(The Lady And The Flame)

2. The Devil's Vendetta
(Defiling The Echelon Ov God)

3. Unholy Terror
(Aberrational Evangelism)

4. HeretiKvlt Manifesto
(Light Bearer Alliance)

5. Angel Ov Repugnance
(Complete Transmutation Ov The Worm)

6. Solve Et Coagula
(The Measureless Becometh)

7. Prometheus Unbound
(Lethal Illumination)

8. Deadly Equinox
(Exorcism Ov Hemispherical Division)

9. Plague Star Apocalypse
(Fresh Fever From The Skies)

10. The Azoth Formula
(Alchemical Warfare)

11. The Dreaming Abyss
(Ordo Obscurum)

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